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Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Art is all about capturing or creating beauty. 

What differs, maybe, is how and what is used to achieve this by those in the different disciplines of art. 

In poetry, it is said we create beauty with words and not just any words but like a painter, every word we ink the page with is our brushstroke with which we paint the colour and picture of emotion. 

As you write, dear poet, remember that you own the process and that you are in charge. 

Art, poetry included, is for the patient and diligent, so please, always remember to never rush yourself, but rather concentrate on your work with utmost discipline as you transform your imagination into a reality that can be enjoyed by your audience. 

Employ as many literary tools as you deem necessary so as to successfully import the picture so vivid in your imagination into a reality that can be witnessed by all, yourself included. 

If you can imagine it, you can write it, and so, please so do not limit your imagination. 

Poetry is like painting: your pen and paper is like the paint, brushes and canvas.

In the beginning, is the canvas and in front of the painter is a pencil, a paintbrush and a tin of paint. 

With the precision of a surgeon operating a high ranking government official, a painter embeds the beauty he has envisioned in his mind onto the canvas. 

Each brushstroke or pencil line is carefully placed where it should be and in the end, the breath-taking painting hangs on the wall of the highest bidder. 

The painter will not allow the canvas to hang on the wall before he/she has analysed and gone through every detail of their painting an infinite number of times. 

At times, the canvas gets spoiled or the brushstrokes’ gradients are out of sync and so, when this happens, the painter, a perfectionist on his own, turns to a new leaf and begins the whole process again while still being conscious of what the finished painting must look like. 

In the same way, poets must go through their work several times before even employing the editor who will do likewise and if it needs be, the poet must trash what has to be trashed and rewrite what has to be re-written.

All this is done so that at the end, when the great painters (artists), poets included shall be named, you will be found standing next to Leonardo Da Vinci and William Shakespeare.

Poetry is my passion and so that is why I love to share my thoughts on how to use the right brushes, paint and canvas to paint the world with amazing beauty through poetry…..

Robert Mugobi is a Poet, Academic, Entrepreneur, Farmer, Motivational Speaker and a Creative Writer.

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