Wedding Planning Is My Passion, That Is Why My Clients Say I am The Best
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From as early as childhood, some kids have an imagination of their own picture perfect families where they are married to their dream spouses and having beautiful kids running around the yard.

Such thoughts cross the minds of so many young people even though to the very same kids imagining such a beautiful future, there will not be even a clue of what it really takes to be a responsible marital partner and or a parent.

They can even imagine their weddings where the prince charming will marry his beautiful princess and vice versa with so many people gathered to celebrate the day.

On top of all that, they also imagine that soon after the wedding, life will continue with amazing miracles springing around them from every direction.

Such is the beauty of imagination and more so, life becomes so much extra fulfilling when those beautiful things that you imagine finally become a dream come true.

As such, if your dream is a stress free, smooth flowing and memorable wedding, there are people like Chiedza Sandra Chimwanda who believe that they are passionately dedicated to make sure that your dreams are converted into a life fulfilling reality.

Chiedza, under her Tata Global Investments company, which specialises in wedding planning in its broadness, says that her main satisfaction comes from seeing a successful wedding where the couple and everyone else involved is happy.

“Wedding planning is in my blood, it is my nature and so, I naturally do it with easy, be it whether I am planning for the whole event from scratch or concentrating on a specific aspect of the wedding such as Gowns, Counseling, Cakes, Bride/Groom Transport, Flowers and or Venue etc.

When clients give me the task to manage their wedding, they are guaranteed of a stress free and well organized job.” She narrated

Chiedza revealed that, personally, she had always wanted to wed and after her dream came true, she took it upon herself to make sure that other people with similar wishes and dreams must have someone knowledgeable in that aspect to help in making the whole event beautifully memorable.

zwnews24’s Brian Kazungu talked to Chiedza about her wedding planning business in order to find out more about her passions, joys and challenges associated with such kind of a business.

zwnews24: Would you give us a brief description of your wedding planning business?

Chiedza Chimwanda: I am wedding planner. In short, I do offer event planning from scratch, covering issues to do with Gowns, Counseling, Cakes, Transport, Flowers and Venue etc.

zwnews24: How has the market responded to your products and services so far since inception and what can you attribute to such kind of a response?

Chiedza Chimwanda: The feedback from my clients has been very positive and encouraging. They say I am the best and I even feel the same in my blood because once I get clients, I make sure that I get their job satisfactorily done.

zwnews24: What is unique about yourself, your team and your services, that set you apart and which helps you to stand out among various service providers who are in the same category with you?

Chiedza Chimwanda: Love and passion for people and for my job is what sets me apart. Even though wedding planning is my source of incoming, when I am doing it, I give it my selfless best. I tell myself that it is not always about money but happiness, and fortunately, it’s this guaranteed happiness which then also becomes a guarantee of my source of income.

zwnews24: What do you believe and understand are the main advantages to your clients when they make use of your services in addressing their wedding requirements?

Chiedza Chimwanda: When clients trust me with their wedding, they get a stress free, well organized and perfectly done job.

zwnews24: In a world where most people, especially the youth are failing to start and run their own enterprises because of lack of capital, how have you managed to launch and operate this initiative?

Chiedza Chimwanda: I push myself towards the mark and I make good use of every penny that I get along the way. It can be hard sometimes, but when you are good at what you do, God will help you through.

zwnews24: What are and what has been some of the operational challenges that you have encountered so far in the pursuit of your entrepreneurship vision and how have you dribbled past them?

Chiedza Chimwanda: Competition is a serious challenge in this business, but as said earlier, I am passionate and dedicated to my job and this ensures that I get referrals from my satisfied clients. More so, the economy is in bad shape and thus affecting the number of people that can afford the expenses associated with wedding and this is a serious problem to those who want to wed and to us as wedding planners as well. As we compete among us ourselves, we just wish the economy would recover soon.

zwnews24: Based on your experience, what advice can you give to unemployed youths and many other job seekers concerning entrepreneurship as a way of creating employment for themselves and others?

Chiedza Chimwanda: Volunteer to work freely to those already in business so that you can get knowledge and experience to start your own business.

zwnews24: Where do you foresee your business in the future and what legacy, history or impact do you want your business to have in your community, country or across the world? Why do you have such convictions?

Chiedza Chimwanda: I am very hopeful and confident that in the future, my business will be planning and hosting weddings across the whole country. I can say that because, right now, in my community, they know and confirm that I am the best.

zwnews24: How do clients and other stakeholders engage your business? How do they get in touch?

Chiedza Chimwanda: those interested in my services can Whatsapp/Call me on +263 71 982 5237, Email: or can even get in touch with me through Social Media platforms such as Facebook: Chiedza Chimwanda.

#. The questions in this interview are adapted from the book, The SME HANDBOOK written by Brian Kazungu:

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